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The Top Emerging Trends With Rose Wine

No other type of wine has taken the world by storm more than Rosé wine has as of late. Its popularity has grown exponentially over the past few years and has become a market all on its own. Back in the day, when you went to pick out a rose wine, you only really had one type of rose to choose from. Semi-sweet, low alcohol rose wine from California wineries.

But the demand has grown so high for variety in rose wine that there are so many different types of rose to choose from now. And they even have their own trendsetting ways about them year in and year out!

Today, we wanted to look at the top emerging trends with rose wine within this versatile wine.

The benchmark is being set higher than ever.

The next time you’re going out to pick up a new bottle of rose, be sure to stop and look at not just the selection and variety but also the reviews. More and more wineries worldwide embrace this trend and put the time and energy into bringing you the most flavor and highest quality rose they can.

Rose wine is moving into the category of luxury wines.

Before this explosion, Rose wine wasn’t necessarily considered part of high end, fine wines. The light pink coloring it is famous for appeared to relegate it to a more frivolous, fruity category. Now you can find some of the most expensive wine makers fermenting many types of rose wine. From Grenache Rose and Sangiovese Rose to Zinfandel Rose and Tavel Rose, there are almost endless possibilities of flavor, sweetness, and palates in rose wine. No more is drinking rose wine frowned upon.

Cotes de Provence is the piece de resistance of all rose wines. It’s still bar-none above the rest when it comes to roses. This region has some of the most award-winning rose wines that you can find anywhere else in the world. Rose from this Provence is the original rose wine of all rose wines, but it doesn’t mean that other regions are getting closer to creating the masterful flavor of Cotes de Provence. And they’re upping their game every year and reinventing the flavors and pallets found within rose wine.

Whether you favor wines from the Med or prefer California roses, rose wine is now packed full of various flavors. With the time invested by the wineries to bring you elegant, fun wines to enjoy at every price level. Even for your nights out with the girls to your favorite fine-dining spot, ordering a rose wine comes with excellent wine credentials these days.

No matter what type of rose wine you love to enjoy over conversation and laughter rose wine is changing the wine game. There are many more trends with rose wine to look out for, but we just poured a glass of our Six 26 Rose, so we’ll catch you up on those later.

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