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Our Story 

On June 26, two kindred spirits came into the world, not twins but now the best of friends. Opposite in outer shell but similar in so many ways that wine was the best medium to express their mission, find happiness in the moments that SIX26 brings.


Sourced from the finest ingredients to suit the novice and expert level oenological foray, SIX26 is sure to please. We hope you relish our wines for your 9 to 5 wine down or celebratory toast because time is a fickle thing.

Amanda Cerny &  King Bach  


 Join our wine club for special releases and limited wines delivered directly to your door 6 times a year. The wine is curated by Amanda Cerny & King Bach in partnership with Ron Hill who is the Chief Wine Officer at Summerland Wine Brands. Ron joined Summerland in 2015 bringing over 19 years of winemaking experience. He spent 10 years as Associate Winemaker at Babcock Winery and has his own project featuring a-non-ah-mus® and anonymous® brands. Ron has multiple 90+ scored wines on his resume and continues to craft exceptional wines – now including SIX26. Upcoming wines include: 

  • Vegan wines and Orange wine to be released in Spring 2021

  • 2020 Holiday Sparkling wine


Our Values

SIX26 is all about celebrating moments that bring us together. We believe our differences should be appreciated, not tolerated. Each shipment, we will donate a portion of our proceeds  to charitable organization. With our birthday launch, SIX26 will donate a portion of sales to Color of Change. Color of Change is an organization that designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Time is a fickle thing, and we DON’T have time for racism or prejudice.


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