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Uses for Leftover Rosé Wine

Do you have leftover rosé that you’re not sure what to do with? Whether you have a final bottle from a party that no one could finish or just half a cup that you may not want to drink yourself, there are plenty of ways you can put this wine to use in the kitchen or at the bar. Here are five ways that you can get creative with leftover rosé.

1. Find a rosé-friendly recipe

There are numerous tasty recipes that allow you to cook with rosé wine. The best will be those that are light, fruity, and refreshing (like a glass of rosé itself), so we suggest skipping any dishes that incorporate cream or butter. Check out How to Cook with Rosé Wine by Food & Wine for ideas, or if you already have an existing white wine recipe that you love, you can try swapping in rosé.

2. Make rosé vinaigrette

This is a simple way to make use of leftover rosé. To create a simple salad dressing, combine one-part rosé with two parts oil. Then, whisk in a tablespoon of both Dijon mustard and agave nectar. Finally, add lemon, salt, and pepper to taste. Voila! You’ve officially used your leftover rosé to make something entirely new and useful. Time to whip up a delicious salad to pair with it.

3. Mix up frozé

Rosé is meant to be served cold, and one of the best ways to reinvent your leftover rosé is to put it in a blender. Check out our Froze blog for a delicious recipie.

4. Make rosé ice cubes

Do you love enjoying a refreshing glass of chilled rosé during the late spring and summer? If so, you’ve likely encountered the common problem of how to keep it cold. If you feel like you can’t enjoy your glass because it gets warm too quickly, then it’s time to make rosé ice cubes. This solution helps keep your wine cooler for longer without any of the dilution that results from ice cubes made from water. Next time you have rosé leftovers, pour them into an ice cube tray and leave them to freeze, so you have them for your next glass.

5. Bake rosé wine cupcakes

Got a sweet tooth? Betty Crocker to the rescue! This rosé wine cupcake recipe requires only ½ cup of wine for the cake and 1/3 cup for the frosting. In about an hour, you’ll have a light, fruity, and pink dessert that’ll leave you wanting to buy more rosé strictly for this purpose.

Final thoughts

There you have it! These five ideas are just the beginning of how you can use leftover rosé wine instead of pouring it out. Rosé works well in a variety of recipes – cooking or baking – and cocktails.

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